Money, of course. But not just money. At Wenglein, we also invest more personal things. Time, for example. Because Wenglein isn’t all about financial gains. We want to build strong relationships with the people behind the assets. With our investment we want to help turn good ideas into great ideas in a very pragmatic way.

It’s great when things work. This is how you could describe our mantra. At Wenglein we value the talents of an engineer - because we are engineers ourselves. Incidentally, the Latin ingenium roughly translates to “meaningful invention”. We support precisely such ideas. Innovations that have a real impact on everyday life are typically also the most successful ones from an economic point of view.

To be honest, raising money for good ideas has never been a limiting factor. Money alone has never been our thing. At Wenglein, we think that with a good idea and a good team, you should also have fun. And we know what we’re talking about. Our founder Mike Wenglein had his first successful business fun as a 20-something in the mid-nineties. On this basis we offer solid advice. And, if desired, also capital - see above.


Wenglein Coaching & Capital is a team of highly qualified entrepreneurs and investors led by Mike Wenglein. Mike comes from a family in which creativity and economic thinking have always formed a symbiosis. For generations, the Wengleins have been active as entrepreneurs and traders, but also as engineers and artists. Mike’s father worked at the forefront of German computer development in the 1970s - or as his mother described it for her little son: dad is at the office inventing new computers.

So ‘inventing things’ also became Mike’s mantra. He first studied engineering, then business administration and finance. At the same time, he developed a completely web-based CRM platform with fellow students in the early 1990s when term CRM didn’t even exist yet. Over the years, many products and technologies were added, running successfully today at small and very large businesses in over 70 countries with millions of users. Mike was awarded the prestigious Richard Merten Prize for innovation in the healthcare sector. He is a passionate photographer, racecar driver, sailor and father of three daughters.

Mike is probably what you would call a serial entrepreneur. Over the past almost 30 years, Mike has experienced much of what separates the wheat from the chaff in the tech sector. At least enough to be able to pass on his knowledge, his ‘gut feeling’ and also his money with Wenglein Coaching & Capital.


Our success is the success of our portfolio companies. We always work closely with the founders. And we are incredibly proud of the great teams with whom we can work day in, day out to make the world a little better.

You’re a college student or postdoc looking to connect with exciting teams and likeminded experts? Talentbay provides quicker results, better matches and a fun experience along the way.

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Our platform democratizes access to professional financial planning for the 99% who don’t have their own family office.

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Out AI based video recruiting bot helps companies like BMW or Lufthansa speed up candidate screening while reducing bias for a more diverse and fair selection process.

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Leading brands like Google, MoëtHennessy, Amazon or Bosch use our marketplace to streamline the procurement of all sorts of promotion items. Convenient and worldwide.

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The worlds premier gay social network serving millions of worldwide users with prime content and meaningful connections.

The leading global cloud platform for real estate brokerages and teams looking to showcase their brand and drive more business through extraordinary digital experiences.

A comprehensive real estate collaboration and workflow platform providing advanced transaction management for brokers and agents. Recently acquired by Propertybase.

The easiest way to generate real estate seller leads and buyer leads, guaranteed. Loved by thousands of real estate businesses. Recently acquired by Propertybase.

An integrated marketing platform providing premium websites and online marketing services for real estate offices and agents. Now part of the Propertybase family.

Taking body hacking to the next level with an integrated approach across different disciplines of advanced body analytics. Coming in late 2020.

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A hybrid between software-engineering and microbiology, this top-secret lab uses advanced algorithms to make consumer health and cosmetics products safer and yet more efficient.

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Putting your home into your pocket with the most advanced and feature-complete platform connecting home owners, tenants and ownership associations. Coming soon.

Still too crazy to describe at this stage. A true moon-shot in the pro sports market with big brands, big players, big data and lots of Machine Learning. Coming whenever it works, if it works.

Three people, one crazy vision. Our biggest moon-shot to date.

We have a handful new buy & build deals in the pipeline. One in proptech, one in e-health and another couple in B2B SaaS. Fingers crossed!

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We don’t run a classic office space. The real work gets done together with our portfolio companies around the globe. For everything else, we gladly resort to the Business & Driver’s Club Munich.

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Email: info@wenglein.de